Module 4: Lesson Plan: Thesis Statements

Writers Workshop Lesson

What’s the Point of Our Essay?: Writing Thesis Statements

Lesson Time: 40 minutes

Materials: Writing Prompt Topic, White/Chalk Board, Marker

Objective: Students will be able to create thesis statements for a short writing prompt.

Turn and Talk (5 minutes): Turn to your neighbor and talk about what you think a thesis statement is and what is included in a thesis statement.

Teacher Guided (15 minutes): Explain what a thesis statement is and how it is important to any essay.  Explain to students where a thesis statement goes and what needs to be included in one. Explain the structure of a thesis statement.  Write all the important parts of a thesis statement on the board and write a few examples, explaining each part of the example thesis.  Finally, have the students help you to come up with one together.

Independent Work(20 minutes): Give students a writing prompt topic.  Have them try to come up with three different thesis statements for the prompt topic, walking around and helping when needed.  From there, have them pick their best/favorite thesis statement, and create and introduction paragraph for the prompt that was given.

Differentiation: If students are having trouble creating thesis statements have them work on taking time to create 1 good thesis as oppose to trying to create multiple thesis statements.

Students who are having trouble can also be put with a partner who has a solid grasp on the concept and can work with them to come up with different thesis statements.


  1. Were students able to create effective, clear thesis statements?
  2. Did student’s thesis statements directly relate to the topic of the prompt?
  3. Were students include all parts/elements needed in a thesis statement?
  4. Was student able to incorporate thesis statement into paragraph?



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