Module 4: Playlist

I found the playlist of these mini lessons to be extremely interesting.  The four lessons were so different but all had such good strategies, practices, and classroom management.  One thing that stuck out to me with all the lesson plans though was the preparation and organization of the lesson plan being taught to the students.

There were a lot of great points in all the lessons but some really stood out.  One thing that really stood out to me as being a great teacher strategy was the way the teachers asked so many questions and kept the students so engaged.  As the students were listening to the lessons being taught, all the teachers kept the students engaged by constantly repeating things to them and asking them questions to keep them listening.  For example, in the first lesson plan I watched, when the teacher was teaching about the two stories in one book, she made sure to constantly ask the students to finish the students or ask their thoughts about what a great reader is.  By her doing this she kept the student’s attention and in turn helped them learn better.

Although there were a lot of good techniques used and great points throughout the lessons, there were also some things that stood out to me as things that didn’t work so well.  During the lessons I felt that some of the teachers went on for a little too long without engaging the students.  Even though later on they eventually engaged their students in different activities, I felt as though they took a little too long describe what they were teaching and keeping the students sitting still in one spot.

Out of all the videos in the playlist, the one that stood out to me the most was the first mini lesson done about the two stories because not only did the lesson really engage the students, but also made them more interested in reading by the way the teacher described the topic being taught.  Also, the way that this certain teacher took the time to debrief and explain how she was going to relate different books to the lesson in order to make sure the student fully understand the meaning of the two stories showed how much effort she put into the lesson which will reflect on how well the students comprehend the material.  This playlist was extremely interesting and helpful to watch!




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