Module 5: Article Reaction

When teaching young students, it can be very hard to teach certain topics, especially topics like foundational skills or reading and writing.  After reading this week’s articles, I realized the importance of teaching these skills appropriately because of how important these certain topics are to the rest of the student’s education.

After reading all the articles for this week, the one that stood out to me the most was “Support Phonics Instruction With Children’s Literature and Writing” by Greg McVeery.  This article really stood out to me over all of the rest because of how interesting it was and how creative the concept was.  McVeery’s article was about Storyscape, and online website that lets students create their own stories, from setting, to theme, to characters, and also text.  Storyscape is such a great program because not only is it for elementary aged student and older, but it can also be used in early childhood education.

The example shown in the article does a great job of exemplifying the important skills that this website focuses on.  For example, by using  the origami animals and being able to choose from a bunch of different options and basically design everything yourself, the students get to activate their imagination and also use all the information they have learned about things like setting, plot, characters, and sequence of events.

A lot of times it’s very hard for teachers to find an appropriate way to start teaching young students to read and write.  By having this website now, the students are able to create their own short stories and learn to read and write in a fun and appropriate way by taking students through a lot of simple steps, one building on top of the other and gaining more and more information until a whole lesson is learned.



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