Module 7: Argumentative Piece

Picture books are an extremely useful source to use for teaching literature.  Not only do they help enhance the learning experience of a student that is able to read, but it also is very helpful to students who are having a lot of trouble reading.  By having pictures, a student can learn more from the book as well as.

One reason that picture books are such a great source for teaching literature is the way it enhances a readers experience.  For students that are starting to get the hang of reading, having pictures in a book can add so much more activity for them.  For example, if a student was just reading words with no pictures, all they can do it read and be done, but if the book has pictures to go with the story, you can add activities and go one step further by connecting the words to the pictures to gain detail and even use the pictures to make predictions or come up with questions before reading, therefore getting the student more engaged.

Another reason why picture books are such a useful source is because they are a big help to students who are struggle with their reading.  If students are having trouble with things like sentence structure or sounding out words, having those exciting pictures on each page for them can help them connect the pictures to the word, therefore helping the student figure out the word and improve their reading.  Also, the struggling students can use the pictures for things like picture walks which will help the students get an idea of the story before reading it.  This can help the child read because they will have an idea of what the story is already about.

Reading is such an important and huge part of a child’s education and should be taught in the most effective ways.  Pictures books are definitely one of the most useful tools for teaching this because not only does it help and expand the reader’s experience and knowledge of the book, but it also helps keep readers interested and engaged, helping them comprehend more.



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