Module 10: Fantasy-Writing

Fantasy short story:

John and Jane were walking through their town of Rosepond.  They walked the way that they always did after their first day of Junior Year.  They walked home the same boring way expect today there was something different.  There was a rock in the middle of the sidewalk.  “What’s that?” Jane said, she was really confused. “It’s a rock, what else would it be?”, said John with an attitude.  Jane went a picked up the rock, but when she did, she couldn’t believe what she saw.  She gasped in amazement. “This rock is glowing!” she exclaimed.  John ran over to take a look.  What he saw shocked him.  The rock was, in fact, glowing.  Rainbow colored lights were glowing in all different directions from the rock.  The teens knew they had to take it somewhere to find out what it did and why it was glowing.  They ran into the woods with it and placed it on the ground.  “I wonder what it does!” Jane said.  John decided to rub the rock to see if it felt weird at all.  Once he did that they were immediately taken into a beautiful place.  A place where every tree in the forest was a different beautiful color and the grass turned into sugar.  They were in candy land! They laughed and swung from the colorful trees while taking turns eating the sugar that covered the ground.  They were having so much fun but they knew it was time for them to return back home.  They held the rock and rubbed it again and at once they were back in the forest where they brought the rock in the first place.  With smiles on their faces they took the rock and headed home.  They now had access to a candy  land with their magical rock and they were happy campers.


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