Module 11: Biography-Participation

One famous person that is deceased that was influential to me is Harriett Tubman.  She was a very interesting human being.  Me and her are alike in a few ways but different in many others.  We are alike in the fact that we both like to help people and that we are both brave but there are a lot of ways that we are different.  Unlike Hariett Tubman who didn’t go to school, I have had the opportunity to go to school for many years.  Also, we are different because she had a life that was a lot harder than mine.  Even though I have  a few problems that I have had to deal with in my life, Hariett Tubman had a lot more problems to deal with.  Also, unlike Hariett Tubman, I’ve never been in as much danger as her.  She had to risk her life day in and day out to have bring slaves to safety and making their lives better.  She was a real hero and a very influential person.  She influences me by making me try to live my life as a better more caring person.


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