Module 11: Biography-Writing

There have been many deceased people that have had impacts on my life.  Two of these people would be my two grandfathers.  The two of them have greatly influenced me.  Throughout their lives, they both were so caring and passionate.  They were family men and would do anything for their families.  They were always there just to give a helping hand or make someone laugh.  They influenced me because I want to live my life the way that they did.  They both taught me to be passionate about everything I did and to always try to achieve my dreams and goals.  They were very influential when they were alive and still influence me to this day.

The three cumulative steps in this are very interesting.  The first step is learning about fictionalized biographies which consists of learning about things like life history.  The second step was Learning about Benjamin Franklin.  This step consists of reading and writing about Benjamin Franklin.  The third step in this is writing fictional biographies.  This third and final step consisted of writing original fictionalized biographies.  I think that spending so much time on a subject like this is  a good idea.  Some pros of this would be that they get very familiar with the subject, they gain a lot of knowledge, and become experts in the subject.  The cons of this would be that students can easily get bored of the subject if too much time is spent on it.


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